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Proud Mary 2018 Movie

Proud Mary Movie

Proud Mary Movie is a 2018 American action film about Mary Goodwin (Henson), a skilled assassin working for the most notorious crime family in Boston, headed by Benny (Glover). She's cold, ruthless, and the best at what she does.

One day, Mary is assigned to kill a bookie named Marcus Miller. She goes to his apartment and completes the hit, but before leaving, she discovers Marcus' young son, Danny (Winston), playing video games in his room. Mary is filled with guilt, but she leaves Danny alone.

A year later, Danny is now 12 years old and working for a drug dealer named Uncle (Berkeley). When a drug deal goes bad, Danny takes the money and runs. Uncle sends his men after Danny, but Mary intervenes and saves him.

Danny is initially scared of Mary, but she takes him under her wing and starts to teach him how to defend himself. They form a close bond, and Mary begins to see Danny as the son she never had.

However, Mary's past catches up with her when the crime family comes after her for saving Danny. Mary must now use all of her skills to protect Danny and herself from the people who want them both dead.

Proud Mary is a fast-paced and action-packed thriller with some impressive fight scenes. Henson is excellent in the lead role, and she has good chemistry with Winston. The film also has a surprisingly emotional core, as Mary and Danny develop a close bond.

However, Proud Mary is not without its flaws. The plot is somewhat predictable, and the film suffers from some cheesy dialogue. Additionally, the violence can be quite graphic, so this is not a film for the faint of heart.


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