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Rub Movie Download

Rub Movie Download
Rub is a 2023 American thriller film written and directed by Christopher Fox. The film follows Neal (Spayer), a lonely and down-on-his-luck man who works as a customer service representative. He is bullied by his co-workers and is unlucky in love. One day, he is invited by his co-worker to go to a massage parlor. Neal is hesitant at first, but he eventually agrees.

At the massage parlor, Neal meets Perla (Figuereo), a beautiful and mysterious woman. Neal is immediately attracted to Perla, and they begin a secret relationship. However, their relationship is soon put in jeopardy when a robbery goes wrong at the massage parlor. Neal and Perla are forced to go on the run, and they must find a way to clear their names and escape the people who are after them.

Rub is a dark and gritty thriller that explores themes of loneliness, violence, and redemption. The film is well-acted and directed, but it is also slow-paced and violent. Rub is not for everyone, but it is a worthwhile watch for fans of dark thrillers.



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